Otto and Sandra

In drama monologue from, “Otto and Sandra” Sandra defies her boyfriend’s lack of emotional involvement within their relationship.

SANDRA:  Where have you been?! I don’t only mean physically but mentally! Don’t you see, I feel used Otto? And I don’t, I don’t feel appreciated. You have this way about you, so nonchalant, that you make me feel unloved, dismissed and I don’t deserve to be dismissed! After all I’ve put up with from you, the last thing I should feel is as if I’m something on the side, do you understand?

I’ve put my time in to all of this, into us and you don’t even have the humility to try to understand us or what we really mean to each other. Do we really mean anything to each other Otto? Or are you taking advantage of me, for who I am, what I represent, what I believe in?

…You get what you want, you go on these trips, you’re away for multiple days, you leave, you stay, you leave…and leave for longer and then you push me aside. I’ve seen you do this with everything, with others, with family, with friends and of course you will do this again with our baby and that is where I refuse you. THAT is when I show you my other side, the side of me that you’ve only seen once before and begged to never see again.

This thing of ours has been a tug of war and it will only get worse because of your own sophisticated ego and pride — selfishness is a better word because you don’t know how to put me first before your own wants and needs. So, what am I doing here? Do you expect me to wait around until I am pregnant? Live with the regret because I am involved in something that lacks true love? And all of this is because of your past, all of it! It all stems from there Otto, you expect me to pay the price for it all and I can’t any longer, this time I’m refusing to, this time I’m saying no and this time, I mean it.

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Otto and Sandra by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Otto and Sandra” Sandra comes to terms with the lack of commitment she feels in her relationship with Otto, despite the strong love they seem to have for one another.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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