The East End Room

In tragicomedy monologue, “The East End Room” Hendrick defends himself in the face of his family who doesn’t seem to support his creativity.

HENDRICK: Why don’t any of you take me seriously? I’ve fallen behind on my studies this particular semester because I’m buried in creating my art. None of you know who I am or seem to even care. The only reason I’m taking business finance is because I’ve been animately instructed to do so. And I’m doing it for all of you! In order to not feel guilty for being given such a privileged education. An investment firm already waiting for me to start my first day of work! (sarcastic) Exciting beyond belief! All the while, I am dying inside, unnoticed. (melodramatic) Scribbled papers tossed aside in the trash, forever forgotten. I didn’t ask for this life. I didn’t choose this family. You’re all – well you’re all, we’re all outright bonkers! But I’m here! At least, hear me and make me feel worthwhile without being forced into a world I despise. I only wish to paint. That’s what I’ve been doing in the East End room for years and years and years. How could you not have noticed it? It’s the largest room in this place and is occupied by all my paintings! It is all that I am good at. It is all that I care to think about. It is all I will ever do.

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The East End Room by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “The East End Room” Hendrick’s is under fire by his family when he is made to feel that his passion for creating art does not matter.  3 Women, 4 Men.  Comedy.  Family Tragi-comedy.

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