Tina, Hank, Hank, Tina

In Tina, Hank, Hank, Tina, Marv’s brother Hank is in growing disbelief over the trouble and nonsensical world he has walked himself into.

HANK:  Believe? You expect me to believe? What I believe is what I see, Marv. What I can hear and taste. Not pipe dreams! You expect me to entertain your delusions of grandeur when this morning some guy in a strange hat is pressing a gun to my forehead? HUH?! Is that your idea of dreaming big? Is that how you get your kicks? How the hell do you live this way? HOW?! The moment I arrived here it’s been nothing but misdirection, running in circles and getting shot at. And what the hell are we doing with this HORSE? Is it another scheme you plan to erect? Is it all part of your master plan for us to become kings of our own empires? I know, I KNOW you want me to dress up in a knights outfit and storm through some spooky valley to save the princess, right? Is that it? Because there is NO princess, Marv! There’s you and me and the same old story since we were kids!

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Tina Hank Hank Tina by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay comedy Tina, Hank, Hank, Tina Marv has his brother Hank for an emergency visit in order to help him raise money at a dangerous meeting but everything originally planned out turns completely upside down.  1 Woman, 2 Men and a Horse.

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