Benny’s Got a Gun

In Benny’s Got a Gun drama monologue, Jerome expresses to Piper what it was like living at home and his feelings about the struggles of love.

JEROME: Too destructive. (beat) All I’ve ever witnessed was my mother and father killing each other every day. I can’t think of a single moment when I ever saw them nice to one another. I don’t even know if they wanted kids. They were always monotone with me; like, like life had been sucked out of them. All they could ever express was leftover residue of their former selves. It was like all I ever received was their emotional junk.

Whenever I hear about people going on about their five years of happy marriage, crap, I find it comical, ya know? It’s become a form of self-promotion and marketing really…(performing) “Look how happy I am, world?” Like, what is that crap targeted at, right? Like they’re trying to convince themselves that they aren’t stumbling like everyone else. (laughs)

I mean, I think there’s happiness, but it comes and goes. The trouble is that everyone only wants to show the good parts. No one dares talk about the struggle and what it takes to soldier through…we’d all be better off if people weren’t stuck in some false idea they keep on feeding to themselves or others. That’s why nothing lasts anymore, ’cause one day it will all come crumbling down when our delusional expectations get shattered by reality.

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Benny's Got a Gun by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Benny’s Got a Gun” Benny gets kicked out of the live-in warehouse for creating violence and Piper and Jerome form a closer bond due to the turmoil.  2 Women, 3 Men.  Drama.

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