Dirty Laundry

In Dirty Laundry, Mother explains in detail how her morning went when she readied herself to wash her clothes after having her morning coffee.

MOTHER: This morning I woke up in my house all alone. Which is normal. I always wake up in my home alone. Your father usually leaves on the coffee pot for me…most mornings…after I have my spill, I’ll do some chores. Today was laundry day. I pushed the laundry bag down the stairs, watched it tumble down gracefully to the very bottom. A few socks and panties slipped out…I stared at those items on the floor for a moment and then something came over me. An impulse. Something pushing me. I went down to the base of the stairs and poured all the laundry onto the floor into a pile. I walked back up the stairs a few steps and jumped face first into the pile of clothes. It was a perfect landing and so I started burying my face deep into the dirty clothes and inhaled the dirty scent from the clothes and I was lost in an ocean of blue, swimming through the clothes sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of my laughter…until finally, turning myself over I began to cry. Enormous burst of tears running down my cheeks. I was blind with passion…my tummy began to hurt, my jaw became stiff, my eyes began to sting…but, I couldn’t stop crying. I was a broken fire hydrant floating in my own urine, oozing and flowing, releasing without thinking to be free, alive, warm again…I didn’t care…I refused to stop crying. I refused! I would not get up from the floor! …I started to scream, not for the attention, but I needed to break the cancer inside my being. (making a fist) I let out a hell of a scream for all the devils of this world…your father came in the room, face all dirty from his beloved garden, a growing stare of shock and concern on his face…he finally noticed me. Yes, he did. I stood up, anxious to see what he’d say, but nothing came of it. I looked at him and he turned his back on me…I heard the door slam shut and I received a chill, but I didn’t allow myself to remain frozen, no, no, I grabbed hold of my dirty laundry and I stuffed all my, my…I stuffed all my—all in that bag. All back in that bag…

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