Why don’t they ever wave back to me?

In the short drama scene from, “The Windowsill” Jimmy is convinced that on occasion his deceased parents stand outside and wave to him.

After a moment, Jimmy sulks.

JIMMY: I’ve seen them out there.

UNCLE FRITZ: Have you?

JIMMY: I have. I’ve seen them in the crowd, staring back up at me and smiling. I keep waving to them…but they never wave back to me. Why don’t they ever wave back to me?

UNCLD FRITZ: Are you certain they see you?

JIMMY: They always look right at me and smile.


JIMMY: I’m telling you the truth.

UNCLE FRITZ: I believe you are. Tell me about it.

JIMMY: Mom is wearing her red coat, her hair is done up and her lips are shining red and she’s beautiful and dad, he walks with her and he’s wearing a dark navy suit and he looks very distinguished.

UNCLE FRITZ: And they both smile at you?

JIMMY: Yes, but when I wave they never wave back.

UNCLE FRITZ: I know why that is! That’s cause we have the lights turned off.

Uncle Fritz turns on a light.

That will have it. When they walk through next, they are sure to see you now Jimmy.

JIMMY: You think so?

UNCLE FRITZ: Oh, absolutely.

JIMMY: …Will you wait with me?

UNCLE FRITZ: …Sure, son…I’ll wait with you.

A moment goes by. Thunder and lightning.

UNCLE FRITZ: Storm’s comin’ down now a bit, isn’t it Jim? Waters gettin’ in, we should close the window.

JIMMY: No! We’re gonna miss them!

UNCLE FRITZ: The floor is going to get sopping wet.

JIMMY: That’s cause you don’t believe me!

UNCLE FRITZ: No, it’s cause the floor is…oh hell…

Uncle Fritz gets up and leaves the room. He comes back carrying folded towels. He drops them to the floor.

Jimmy opens up the towels and covers the floor. Uncle Fritz looks out the window and moves the curtains, but then he notices something.

Dear God…Jimmy, Jimmy you better have a look at this…

Jimmy stands and looks out the window.

JIMMY: That’s them!

UNCLE FRITZ: Jack…Beverly…I don’t believe –

JIMMY: I told you…

UNCLE FRITZ: Are they smiling at us in the rain?

JIMMY: I think so.

UNCLE FRITZ: I’ll be damned, you weren’t foolin’.

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