Withering Hologram

In Withering Hologram, Landon talks to Zuri about how he wishes they could be content based on the nature of their relationship.

LANDON:  I can’t climb higher than you want me to climb. I’m already doing my best…it’s been a long while since..since I’ve been with someone..and it’s, you and me, it’s been great…you make me cheer up from everything. I do value you, but I can’t get forced into something unwanted…what I give you, how we spend time, that’s where things are good for me. I can’t answer to anybody, I can’t have that stress on my mind constantly, worrying about calling you the moment I have a second to myself and it’s not fair to you, you shouldn’t have to be thinking about my whereabouts, it isn’t right and for that I’m sorry. I didn’t realize we reached this point, I thought we could just go on together the way we already are…without questions, without worries..if having things the way they’ve been with us isn’t what you want, I’ll understand…I’m not built that way anymore.

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Withering Hologram by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Withering Hologram, Landon depends on his artificial intelligence assistant IRIS to help him come to terms with his broken relationships.  2 Women, 1 Man, IRIS (voice).  Drama.  Scifi.

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