You Ever Listen to Blues?

Kyle meets Scarlet during detention and the two take an instant liking of one another in this teen drama one-act play, Thin Ice.

KYLE:  You ever listen to blues?

SCARLET: I’ve heard of it but I’ve never really listened to it before.

KYLE: You should come with me one night and check it out.

SCARLET: I’m down.

KYLE: Maybe this Friday if you want. We can take that lousy train in.

SCARLET: The train isn’t that bad.

KYLE: Maybe it’ll be better when I’m not by myself.

SCARLET: You’ll have someone to talk to.

KYLE: Sounds good.

SCARLET: And what else?

KYLE: What else what?

SCARLET: What else does a Queens boy like yourself do for fun?

KYLE: I read.


KYLE: Yeah, does that make me a nerd or something?

SCARLET: Quite the opposite actually. What do you read, comic books?

KYLE: Not really…I have a collection of them but I’ve never read one before…I read literature.

SCARLET: Literature…fancy word.

KYLE: Well, novels, short stories, plays, travel guides, anything that kinda gets my mind thinking.

SCARLET: You surprise me.


SCARLET: Never took you for a reader.

KYLE: Why?

SCARLET: I don’t know…the guys who read either seem too loud or too quiet…

KYLE: Yeah, well, you can’t really judge someone you don’t really know.

SCARLET: I’m not. I won’t.

KYLE: Do you?


KYLE: Read?

SCARLET: Oh- No, Not much. Not for my own pleasure…Maybe you could recommend something to me?

KYLE: I have a little library of stuff, I can lend you something if you want.


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Thin Ice Play MonologueIn the one act eplay Thin Ice, Kyle is a new High School student that has recently been transferred and is already in detention.  He meets a fellow student named Scarlet and the two discover a lot in common, despite their different backgrounds.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Teen Drama Play.

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