The Notes

In the drama monologue, “The Notes” Lucas speaks to Mr. Chestnut about why he doesn’t believe that the notes should ever be used.

LUCAS:  After reading the notes, I will admit, and it was a lengthy consideration on my part..quite…well, I didn’t waste a moment of contemplation; I’ve come to the decision that I, I cannot go through with it, with the notes. I, I cannot, must not go any further, for fear that things will come to ruin. I feel that things are where they should be; that’s not to say that I didn’t appreciate the effort regarding the notes, no, no. No, they were interesting to read, thoughtful, originative, even. Yet, I’m afraid–I’m so perniciously afraid that if I go forward, I will become immoral. Things will occur, you see? (beat) The adjustments suggested will morph me into something less coherent, perhaps unrecognizable, in what I believe would be an absolute decline in my purpose. That is not the purpose; it has not been the purpose; the notes disregard much of the original purpose. I would very much like to stick to the original purpose–to fall back on what was closer to the nucleus. These notes will instead pull at that prime intention from every angle. I have come this far..barely..this close to getting to where – and to think I know where I am advancing, but the notes, these notes will alter that path substantially, and I have already lost my ground once. I cannot lose it again. I am certain I will lose my direction to the core, if the notes are obeyed.

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The Notes by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act ePlay, “The Notes” Lucas has been brought in by Mr. Chestnut to discuss if he had received and read through the notes,  and if he is willing to accept the necessary changes.  2 Men. Drama.

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