I Think We’re Missing Out

“I think we’re missing out” is the beginning of this scene excerpt between a mother and daughter from the one-act play Typical Teen.

MOM: …I think we’re missing out.

SHADIRA: Missing out on what?

MOM: One another…I don’t want you to end up like me in your life…that’s the last thing I want. To get so tunnel visioned that you forget about the other things that should matter…believe me, this isn’t the way I ever wanted things for our family. I wanted so much more.

SHADIRA: We already have everything. We have a nice house, we have—

MOM: That’s what you think but sooner or later it will catch up to us all, we’ll all be strangers without ever realizing where we went wrong. We don’t have communication…not the way we need it. Your father and me, we’re so busy with our work, we’ve hardly been able to have a solid conversation in the past month. Both you girls…I don’t have a clue what your schedule is like, I haven’t seen much of Tara, she’s always staying by friend’s. It’s been on my mind but now, now you’ve really made me see it and I don’t know how to stop it or change it…maybe it’s too late.


I want us all to be a family but I don’t know how.

SHADIRA: Don’t…don’t cry, Mom…please, don’t cry.

MOM: I’ve got to talk to your father this weekend. Maybe we can all go away somewhere, like a vacation…I think we all need to spend some quality time together.

SHADIRA: I have to train, Mom.

MOM: One week won’t kill you. It won’t kill your father, me or your sister. One week, to get us back on track.

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