There are some things you don’t fully understand.

In drama scene from one-act play, “Salt and Stone,” Aunt Fia tries to convince her niece as to why she shouldn’t consider dating someone.

JENA: She won’t let me see him.

AUNT FIA: And why not?

JENA: Cause he’s a Riley.

AUNT FIA: As in Rick Riley?

JENA: That’s his father, yeah.

AUNT FIA: That’s not gonna work out.

JENA: What? Why?

AUNT FIA: The Riley’s are no good.

JENA: But he’s nothing like a Riley.

AUNT FIA: Listen, Jena, there are some things you don’t fully understand cause you’re innocent to it.

JENA: Innocent to what? We just like each other. What’s the big deal?

AUNT FIA: Liking somebody is fine. It’s what comes after, that worries your mother.

JENA: Ricky’s really nice to me.

AUNT FIA: I’m sure that’s true and all, but he doesn’t come from good stock.

JENA: Now you’re siding with HER.

AUNT FIA: Now you know I always have your back.

JENA: I really like him.

AUNT FIA: And I like drinking, it doesn’t mean I’m goin’ to go back on the bottle, eh?

JENA: I want to see him.

AUNT FIA: You can’t.

JENA: Why not?

AUNT FIA: Take your hand out, that’s enough of a shock.

Jena takes her hand out of the bucket of ice.

Aunt Fia wraps a small towel around Jena’s hand.

You took that ice like a champ.

JENA: Why can’t I see him, Auntie?

AUNT FIA: (sighs) The Riley’s are bad people. You can’t get mixed up with them.

JENA: But Ricky is nothing like them.

AUNT FIA: Nothing like what?

JENA: Like whatever bad rumors you heard.

AUNT FIA: Rumors like murder, kidnapping, money laundering, drug dealing – the list is long, and it all starts with V for violence. You listen wisely. They are bad seeds planted in this town many generations ago, and ever since, they’ve continued to sprout and grow like a fungus, destroying everything beautiful. You are beautiful, and your mother and I won’t let you get destroyed. Now, this may all sound exaggerated to ya, but it’s not. They are nothing short of wild and nothing other than corrupt. He may be a cute boy, but cute doesn’t cut it. He may be charming, he may tell you nice things, he might make you feel sweet inside, but he’s with them; he’s a Riley and always will be.

Before you get clever and start sneaking around with him, remember that you haven’t seen his bad side. You will. And when you do, you’ll be in too deep to ever crawl your way out. Now is your chance, ya hear? While things are good.

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Salt and Stone by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Salt and Stone” Jena turns to her trustworthy Aunt Fia for help regarding ongoing arguments with her mother and a new guy she’s been secretly seeing.  2 Women.  Drama.

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