We’re here to talk about the truth.

In this drama scene from one-act play script, ‘Julia’, Julia arrives at Dr. Ava’s house on invitation to see about receiving guidance.

JULIA: You followed me?

DR. AVA: No. I simply asked Father O’Connor for your address, and after explaining who I was, he gave it to me.

Julia’s eyes study the room, then back to Dr. Ava.

JULIA: …I see. (Long pause.)

DR. AVA: It doesn’t have to always be this way. Things can change.

JULIA: What makes you think that, Dr. Ava? You don’t quite know much about me.

DR. AVA: I know enough Julia. I know that you are dealing with something…that can be difficult to understand.

Silence between them.

I cannot say that I have an answer for it either, but I have – an understanding on the subject.

JULIA: (Watching Ava. Quiet pause.) An understanding.

DR. AVA: We are all trying to –

JULIA: Stop. Would you consider yourself normal? When I look at you Dr. Ava, I don’t just see a doctor. Your eyes tell me different. (Slightly leans forward. Studies Ava.) It has happened to you too, hasn’t it?

DR. AVA: I can’t answer that.

JULIA: (Leaning back – knowing.) It has.

DR. AVA: We aren’t here to talk about me.

JULIA: Oh. (Laughs.) Oh yes (Suddenly very serious.) We are. We’re here to talk about the truth, the impurity of it all. Without talking about you, there is no truth. If you want to know anything about “my condition”, as you put it, then I’d rather not have silence exist between us. I came to see you because you looked for me. Why don’t you be more specific and tell me, why did you look for me?

DR. AVA: The same way that you looked for me. (Pause.) I knocked at first Julia, but no one answered. I noticed your doors were unlocked and so I let myself in. I walked in through the hallway to the kitchen, that’s when I saw you, through its windows, you were in the garden, examining the stump of a tree. I watched the sunlight carve itself between your fingertips…the sun, it, it…

JULIA: Disturbed you?

DR. AVA: I wouldn’t say it was that. Anxiety perhaps, I couldn’t exactly catch my breath for a moment. You were too familiar. Everything I saw in you is what almost killed me…(Silence.)

JULIA leans forward to take a sip of water from her glass on the table that is positioned between them.

How long Julia?

JULIA: For too long, Dr. Ava. (Takes another sip. Puts her glass of water back on the table.)

DR. AVA: Did anyone ever notice a change…in you? Family, friends?

JULIA: You ask a lot of questions Dr. Ava. I guess it is what your work is made up of. But your questions here are still worth more than their answer. It is fascinating though…how anonymous you can be, with so many people around. (Thinks for a moment.) A change? Yes, yes of course, I guess they did. (Smiles slightly.) They all noticed, but if you are smart, you can always make a, a light excuse for it. I guess you could say, there was Julia before and then there was Julia after. Two different people, one changed from the other. But, what was to be expected? (Studies her hands.) I blame myself. Foolishness has caught up with me, I knew it would…sooner than the rarity of logic. I should never have got on that train. (Pause.) When I look back at it all, my instinct let me down…I should have known better. I was a fool, as always…like a magnet, trapping myself onto something destructible. We can run, can’t we? But not from the decisions that pave our way to where we are now.

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In this one-act psychological drama, Julia meets with Dr. Ava, a psychologist.  A dark secret they both share takes its presence between them.  2 Women.  Drama.

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