Why you want to travel up to New York for?

Drama scene for two from one-act play script, “Gone Before You Left,” wherein Tash reveals she knows Peggy is leaving town for good.

TASH: Whenever Billy James sneaks over here late at night, I can hear the two of you.

PEGGY: What did you just say?!

TASH: I can, I can hear the two of you, clear as day.

PEGGY: You little b’tch. You’re eavesdropping on us?!

TASH: My bed rests up against that wall and these walls are paper thin and so I can’t help but overhear you two talking and doing things, and I’ve tried – I’ve tried not to listen, honest, but it’s just impossible to avoid.

PEGGY: I bet.

TASH: The reason why I’m, well, I know what’s supposed to happen…tonight.

PEGGY: Which is what, exactly?

TASH: Just that…that, just that I know you’re leaving.

PEGGY: Is that what you think you heard?

TASH: I know it’s what I heard, Peggy.

Peggy grabs Tash by the arm.

PEGGY: You think or you know?!

TASH: Ow..you’re hurting my arm.

PEGGY: That’s the point, isn’t it?

TASH: Stop it! Let go!

Peggy pushes Tash to the bed.

PEGGY: Understand something right now. You haven’t heard a damn thing, ya hear? Not one damn thing about any goings on about me leaving anywheres.

TASH: But I know what I heard.


TASH: You could punch me in my face and it still won’t matter cause I know what I heard and I know you and Billy James are taking off for good.

PEGGY: SHH! SHH! Lower your dumb voice before I put my fist in it. (beat) I ought to punch the living daylights out of you.

TASH: I don’t care.

PEGGY: What?

TASH: I’m just saying.

Peggy circles the room. She goes into her hiding spot and lights a cigarette by the window.

PEGGY: Shouldn’t be having this right now.

TASH: Can I have some?

PEGGY: What? No! Hell no!

TASH: …You gonna have the baby?

PEGGY: …What don’t you know?

TASH: I know pretty much everything.

PEGGY: Is that so, huh?

TASH: Mm-hmm.

PEGGY: Rats.

TASH: Are you?

PEGGY: Am I what? Oh, the…well, well…we want to, but…we want to.

TASH: Why New York?


TASH: Why you want to travel up to New York for? It’s expensive, isn’t it?

PEGGY: Keep your voice down, I said. Yeah, it’s expensive, but Billy has connections up there.

TASH: What kind of connections?

PEGGY: Ways for us to make money connections.

TASH: They’re bad people.

PEGGY: So they are.

TASH: That’s no way to raise a baby.

PEGGY: Don’t you go telling me how to raise my own child!

TASH: But Billy’s gonna do bad things, isn’t he?

PEGGY: Not that bad. Just till we get fixed up.

TASH: Fixed up?

PEGGY: Get things in order.

TASH: Like what?

PEGGY: We want to buy a property out by the shore…they got beaches in New York, it’ll be a while before that happens, but we aim to do it…soon.

TASH: You didn’t tell anybody?

PEGGY: Of course not.

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