What is so bad about making love to me?

In the one-act eplay, “Paris Balcony”, Artaud finds it hard to make good on the agreement with Camille because his feelings get in the way.

ARTAUD: I can’t.

CAMILLE: Why not?


CAMILLE: Am I so hideous, you won’t touch me?

ARTAUD: I think you are a stunning woman.

CAMILLE: Show me.

Artaud sets his glass of wine on a nearby bar counter.

Artaud approaches Camille on the balcony.

He grabs her intensely and kisses her passionately.

Camille receives his kiss openly.

Artaud pulls away and goes back to his glass of wine.

CAMILLE: I cannot pay you the money only for that.

ARTAUD: I don’t want to take your money.

CAMILLE: Take? Haha. You can never take my money. It’s one thing for me to give–to offer a taste of my money, but to take my money, you would have to wrestle me to the end of the earth.

ARTAUD: I wouldn’t do such a thing.

CAMILLE: I know.

ARTAUD: …I feel dirty. I didn’t think something like this would make me feel so…filthy.

CAMILLE: This is life. You see? That is the problem. People overthink their reasoning.

ARTAUD: Bad choices have consequences.

CAMILLE: What is so bad about making love to me?

ARTAUD: I can’t.

CAMILLE: Am I too old for you?

ARTAUD: I wish you’d stop asking me such questions. I don’t mean to be rude in any way, but you keep asking me things that—I get why you’re asking; it’s my fault, but it has nothing to do with who you are, how you look, or the fact that you are an older woman. I’m actually charmed by your age; it only makes this harder for me because I am intensely attracted to you. You have incredible sex appeal. It’s my morals. If we were to go ahead with this, I’m not so certain I can live with myself.

CAMILLE: (laughs)

ARTAUD: Why? Why are you laughing?

CAMILLE: (laughing harder)

ARTAUD: What the hell is so funny?

CAMILLE: Are you a virgin?

ARTAUD: Of course I’m not a virgin.

CAMILLE: Then do what you have come here to do. (beat) The money is yours.


CAMILLE: You care too much about self-opinion.

ARTAUD: It isn’t so much that…as it is…

CAMILLE: Yes? Say it.

ARTAUD: I won’t be used.

CAMILLE: Isn’t that why I paid for your flight? Isn’t that why you are standing here?

ARTAUD: It is.

CAMILLE: This is what we’ve agreed upon!

ARTAUD: There’s no way with you yelling at me.

CAMILLE: Aren’t you a man?

ARTAUD: I happen to be a man, yes.

CAMILLE: Do you like women?

ARTAUD: I love women.

CAMILLE: What’s stopping you?

ARTAUD: I’m interested in you…in you…more…more than only having sex.


ARTAUD: I genuinely like you.

CAMILLE: Well then, that is a problem.

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Paris Balcony by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Paris Balcony” Artaud has been flown to Paris from New York in order to perform a service for Camille.  However, things take a turn when Artaud reveals his sincere feelings for her instead and his apparent unwillingness to fulfill his service.  1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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