You love this woman?

In this drama scene Moe confides in his best friend about his ongoing tumultuous relationship with girlfriend Jen.

MOE: Thinking about having Jen move in but I like my space. Half her things are at my place anyway, but still…I can make more room for her, but still…ya know, then we can always get another place, more money, more headaches, but still. I mean, I could always work more hours if I want, not like Lucas would mind, but…still, I think the rents are crazy, I do, to live decently, like a person has the right, NO? To live decently, to feel…decent. I mean, I can do what I can, but still..ya know? It’s like…what?…right?

JOE: What the f’k are you talkin’ about?

MOE: The situation!

JOE: What situation?!

MOE: Me and Jen. What am I supposed to do?

JOE: You love this woman?

MOE: …

JOE: Shut up. It’s obvious. When a man can’t speak, he’s in love.

MOE: Old love. Like, I love her but it’s been a long time.

JOE: So?

MOE: Nothin’s changed. Nothin’s moved forward. We’re in stasis. We been in stasis since we first started seein’ each other. We’re two ships in the night that both dropped anchor, alright? Can’t blame her, even though she—it’s me, right? I’m the man, I’m supposed to be her guy, I’m supposed to pull her out from the ashes, but she’s still covered in ’em. Her mother, her brother, her father and I’m her chance out, but I’m a low ranking officer. I’m not someone who’s gonna rise like the phoenix, ya know? Or whatever that sh’t is. My wings don’t flap.

I could run pretty fast but I’m not the airborne type, so — which leaves us stagnant. Only the weather changes. Deep down, I don’t think I have it in me to do more than this, she moves in with me, it can all blow up.

JOE: Did she say she wants to live with you?

MOE: No. Yes. When she looks at me, she says it.

JOE: Why can’t she rescue herself? Why she gotta depend on you? If you’re a dip sh’t, send her on her way.

MOE: Am I? Tell me the truth…am I really a dip sh’t?

JOE: If we’re talking truth here…(Nods.)

MOE: I appreciate that. You’re a good friend cause you always tell me the truth. I accept the fact that you’re calling me out because I am who I am, but here’s my next question for you…will I always be this way?

JOE: F’k do I know?

MOE: …just tell me.

JOE: I’m overweight not cause I choose to be but because I’ve accepted it. Do I want to change? Yes. Will I? Probably not. Why? Because I’m comfortable. You’re comfortable, too Moe, but, but in your case you got reason to change your situation. Comes down to what matters most to you. That’s how I see it.

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