And is that supposed to upset me?

Dwight is heartbroken over breaking up with the woman he loves in this drama scene taken from the short play, ‘Tomorrow the Sun Will Shine’.

MRS. SAPPHIRE: I am only disappointed, is all.

DWIGHT: And is that supposed to upset me?

MRS. SAPPHIRE: Not in the slightest. I am only stating the facts.

DWIGHT: The facts.

MRS. SAPPHIRE: Oh yes, the facts. For without facts there is only speculation.

DWIGHT: And you know the facts?

MRS. SAPPHIRE: I know all the details of all the facts.

DWIGHT: You do?

MRS. SAPPHIRE: Everything.

DWIGHT: Hmm. (beat) So, I should trust you?

MRS. SAPPHIRE: (laughs)

DWIGHT: Why do you laugh?

MRS. SAPPHIRE: Never trust anyone.

DWIGHT: Not even you?

MRS. SAPPHIRE: Not even yourself.

DWIGHT: Are you trying to get me to bend?


DWIGHT: To your will.

MRS. SAPPHIRE: What good would that do either of us?

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Tomorrow the Sun Will Shine by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Tomorrow the Sun Will Shine, Dwight comes home after a breakup with the woman he is in love with and was planning to marry.  He speaks to Mrs. Sapphire, his caretaker, about his circumstances.  1Woman, 1 Man. Drama. Period Drama.

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