You Were Giving Up

Chad has decided college isn’t for him but Lia gets to the root as to why in this scene from 1 act drama eplay Other Side of the Chasm.

CHAD: You were giving up…

LIA: Exactly. But I didn’t, did I? I knew I had to face myself and make a decision, there and then. And if I didn’t make that decision, things woulda turned out differently for me.

CHAD: Yeah.

LIA: Somewhere deep down you know you are capable of way more than you’re allowing yourself to be…

CHAD: I feel trapped.

LIA: I’ll help you.

CHAD: How you gonna help me?

LIA: I know you want to go to college. And it’s time you face the elephant in the room. Why can’t we fill out applications together, look at some grants, loans…

CHAD: That stuff don’t apply to someone like me, I told you already.

LIA: Where did you get accepted?

CHAD: What?

LIA: Don’t lie to me.

CHAD: I got in.

LIA: Where?

CHAD: I’m not saying.

LIA: But you got in.

CHAD: A few. Can’t afford it though.

LIA: You know why you got in, right?

CHAD: Why?

LIA: Cause you’re brilliant.

CHAD: No, I’m not.

LIA: Any scholarships?

CHAD: Maybe…I’ll show you the paperwork.

LIA: Really?

CHAD: Yeah.

LIA hugs CHAD.

LIA: So, what is the problem?

CHAD: …I’m afraid…

LIA: Of what?

CHAD: I’m afraid to be as good as I want to be.

LIA: That’s because you are as good as you imagine yourself being.

CHAD: What if I’m not able to…what if I’m not accepted?

LIA: You already are…you owe it to yourself.

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Other Side of the Chasm Theatre ScriptIn the one act eplay Other Side of the Chasm, Chad tells his best friend Lia that he isn’t going to go to college, that he’s going to work at a music shop and get his own apartment.  Lia finds out the reason why and tries to help him out.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Teen Drama Play.  

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