Won’t You Just Look at That Sky

A scene about two former lovers meeting up again after years have passed in this one-act drama play Nothin’ but Good Things.

BETTY SUE: Won’t you just look at that sky! It’s like a dream out here at night.

DUNSTON: Hey, can I ask you somethin’? You know, without you gettin’ all defensive and stuff.

BETTY SUE: Go right ahead.

DUNSTON: It’s been bothering me ever since I last saw you in Colorado.

BETTY SUE: Me, too.

DUNSTON: What’s that?

BETTY SUE: Ask your question.

DUNSTON: Why’d you never say goodbye?

BETTY SUE: I don’t like goodbyes.

DUNSTON: But why didn’t you…(he stares at Betty Sue) forget it, forget it…maybe it’s best I don’t say it.

BETTY SUE: I never wanted to leave you, Dunston.

DUNSTON: But you did.

BETTY SUE: I know I did.


BETTY SUE: We talked about it already.


BETTY SUE: That night.

DUNSTON: The night you left?

BETTY SUE: Uh-huh.

DUNSTON: I recall we left things open-ended. We never—

BETTY SUE: Why does everything always have to be finalized with you Dunston? Can’t you ever just wing it?

DUNSTON: You left me during the night without sayin’ a word. Do you have any idea what it was like waking up not to find you sleeping beside me? I thought something happened to you. I even searched throughout town.

BETTY SUE: You did? Why??

DUNSTON: Cause you were gone!

BETTY SUE: I was gone cause I left you!

DUNSTON: I didn’t know that at the time.

BETTY SUE: How can you not have known that?

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