At The Party

In the serio-comedic monologue, At The Party, Tom gloats and brags to his wife about how he finally got even with someone at a family gathering.

Tom: I loved it, I loved it, I absolutely loved it. Come on, it felt good, didn’t it? Didn’t it feel good, to rub it in Jack’s big nose?

I cannot stand that man and to call him out on his baloney right in front of everybody and so discreetly was pure bliss.  It was a dream of mine, let me tell you.

For years, I’ve been wanting to get that guy.  Whenever we’d see him at gatherings, it was always the same, at some point during the party I’d run into him and he’d pass a comment and it was always a nasty comment but he’d do it with a smile and in a high minded way…well, tonight I got my revenge and you saw his face, dropped right to the floor and I loved watching him squirm like the worm he is, struggling to keep it together.  I swore I noticed steam coming out from his collar, that’s how good I got him…and the sweat bubbling out from his forehead, ah, it was beautiful.

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In this one-act ePlay, Tom is pleased with himself that he has finally gotten revenge on a man who always seems to get the best of him but a turn of events takes place that makes all his enjoyment bittersweet.

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