Better Left Unsaid

In Better Left Unsaid, Sal talks to his best friend Riggs about the hard hand he’s dealt at home and believes his friend has it way better.

SAL:  What do you mean us, Riggs? It’s me. ME! Me and my lousy life. Don’t even know why I was born. I mean, I never got that…why have kids if you’re gonna treat them so bad…right? Makes no sense. Unless I was an accident. Probably was, even though when I asked my mom she said I wasn’t. But I don’t buy that crap. If I was wanted, I wouldn’t get treated like I wasn’t wanted. I ain’t that dumb. Hell, I know I don’t come from some decent family. Don’t even know why you’re still friends with me. You come from a good family. Hard working, friendly…I never knew that a family existed like that till we started hanging out. I was shocked in comparison to my family of lunatics. You’re lucky Riggs. You’re real lucky.

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Better Left Unsaid PlayIn the one act eplay Better Left Unsaid, Riggs offers to help his best friend Sal by coming up with a potential solution to stop the beatings he continues to get from home.  2 Male Teens.  Drama.

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