Build Me a Rocket Ship

“Build Me A Rocket Ship” is dialogue spoken from Beverly who feels that her world is closing in on her, from one-act comedy Darling Face.

BEVERLY: Build me a rocket ship.

JUDD: A what?!

BEVERLY: Build me a rocket ship to space.

JUDD: I think you’re drinking too much of that red wine, darling.

BEVERLY: That’s the problem, you never take me seriously.

JUDD: How can I take what you just said seriously?

BEVERLY: It’s what I want.

JUDD: And I want to be a millionaire but that isn’t happening anytime soon.

(Beverly pushes an empty glass plate off the table)

(long pause.)

Why do you want a rocket ship?

BEVERLY: So I can go somewhere magical and get out of this life that I live in.

(Judd holds up two fingers)

JUDD: How many fingers am I holding up?

BEVERLY: Two. Why?

JUDD: Just checking is all.

BEVERLY: I want a rocket ship or I’m leaving you.

JUDD: What??

BEVERLY: You heard me right.

JUDD: Have you lost your mind?

BEVERLY: And I want it soon, like, like, like forty-nine days.

JUDD: Why forty-nine days?

BEVERLY: I don’t know but forty-nine days. That’s about how much time I can still stand it here. After that, I’m gone.

(Beverly leaves the room)

JUDD: Bev? Beverly? Bevvie?

(Beverly enters the room)


JUDD: I will build you your rocket.

BEVERLY: Will you?

JUDD: Yes, I don’t know how but I promise you that I will do all in my power to have one made for you.

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In this one-act play, Beverly gets her husband Judd to agree to building her a rocket ship.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Comedy.

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