He Looked Rough Around the Edges

A comedy play scene taken from the one-act comedy play script Rather Be a Man, wherein two women have different views of a stranger.

Pam: He seemed genuine.

Kim: He looked rough around the edges.

Pam: Nah, I think he was being honest and nice.

Kim: Out of all the guys coming up to you, you actually think that one is cute?

Pam: We should go to his party.

Kim: What? You’re serious about that?

Pam: I did give him my number.

Kim: We don’t know him.

Pam: So?

Kim: He can be some serial killer.

Pam: I took down his car plates. I’ll have Jesse look him up.

Kim: Really?

Pam: Yeah, no doubt.

Kim: But he’s so lame.

Pam: Let’s see where it goes.

Kim: I was not impressed.

Pam: He was confident and like you said he looked rough around the edges but if he can be confident and be rough around the edges, there might be more to him than meets the eye.

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A comedic one act play involving KIM and PAM, two friends who are sick of guys trying to pick them up.  

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