We’re nowhere…so we probably don’t mean nothin’.

In drama teen scene from one-act play, “For All We’ve Got”, Luna is worried that her life will be forgotten if she doesn’t find meaning.

SHELLEY: We can’t stay here all night.

LUNA: Why not?

SHELLEY: ‘Cause it’s boring.

LUNA: Ain’t nothin’ else to do.

SHELLEY: Could go to Frannie Lou’s.

LUNA: You still wanna do that?

SHELLEY: It’s somethin’..to do…

LUNA: Why?


LUNA: Why we gotta do somethin’? Cause it’s Saturday? It’s a Saturday, so we gotta pretend to be like everyone else?

SHELLEY: I’m not pretending to be anybody.

LUNA: I don’t see myself.

SHELLEY: What you mean?

LUNA: Anywhere..not in books, movies, on TV. I’m not there, you’re not there. We don’t exist. We’re forgotten. We don’t matter. Forgotten story.

SHELLEY: What you talkin’ ’bout?

LUNA: We’re nowhere…so we probably don’t mean nothin’.

SHELLEY: I don’t think that’s true.

LUNA: No, huh?


LUNA: And why’s that?

SHELLEY: ‘Cause I can remember myself. Don’t need somebody else to remember me.

LUNA: That’s not what I mean. I’m talkin’ about all the nonsense! ‘Bout how life could be, instead of how life actually is…


LUNA: We’re surrounded by all this… Argh! I can’t take it!

SHELLEY: Luna! You’re gonna wake up your Grandmoms again.

LUNA: She’s out cold already.

SHELLEY: Remember she woke up that time and screamed her head off? Ha, ha, ha. Member how we ran?

LUNA: …Ninety years old and scary as hell.

They both laugh.

SHELLEY: Damn, I know.

LUNA: What was I sayin’? So yeah, DISTRACTIONS. I’m gettin’ damaged from all the distractions, my mind, it’s just…it’s all the same.

SHELLEY: I guess.

LUNA: There’s no..path for us. Like, we’re in the bus and it ain’t movin’. It’s hot. Crowded and we’re here, stuck. No destination.

SHELLEY: Where do you wanna go?

LUNA: Anywhere!

SHELLEY: Yeah, well, this is where we’re at.

LUNA: Gonna be here forever.

SHELLEY: You upset ’cause Matt never –

LUNA: Who’s Matt?! Come on, Shelley! Forget Matt! Damn it, Shell! I don’t wanna hear his name ever again. (Beat.) I told you to not bring up his name, didn’t I? (Beat.) Urgh…I’m charged-yeah-he got me all charged, but listen, that’s not it, he’s not it, it’s only making me want OUT, understand? I need to GET OUT.

SHELLEY: Luna, you can’t run –

LUNA: Run? Who’s running?

SHELLEY: Away from everything. You go somewhere, but when you come back, the same problems are here.

LUNA: Who says I’m comin’ back?

SHELLEY: The same things that make you wanna go..stay with you. You bring it with you, wherever you go.

LUNA: No, I wouldn’t. I’d start new.

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For All We've Got by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “For All We’ve Got” best friends Luna and Shelley hang out together on a Saturday night.  Both come from difficult backgrounds, but support each other to get through their problems.  2 Women.  Drama/Teen Drama.

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