Gator’s Fury

In Gator’s Fury, Holt tries to reconcile with an angry crocodile he’s known as a dear friend for many years.

HOLT(looking down at the water) I see you down there you beast. I see you! We supposed to be friends, member? Grown all fourteen feet a you on account a me. I’s be the one fed you them wild chickens, steaks, n’ turkeys…you forget! Forget we was friends?! How many times did I come over and we talk? Like a pair of old pals we did. Eh? You know me and I sure as hell know you. Member that time I found you caught in that net? I was the one got you out. MEMBER?! I saved yo life! Ain’t I the one who’d rub your belly and scratch your back when you was depressed? (beat) We shared stories, so many little heartfelt stories..about life, death and the cosmos..don’t that count fer somethin’ you giant suitcase?!

(the lake water makes waves) Yeah, that’s right. You hear me. Didn’t forget me. Thass why ya spit me on out. Come on. You just mad at me cause I ain’t come visit ya in a while. I get it. But I promise to never neglect ya ever again. Okay? That make you happy?

(the lake water makes waves) Thatta boy. Looky here..them two fellas is comin’ back and they’d be the steak of the day. Nice and tender. An’ loaded up on beer so you get yourself a nice buzz goin’ to boot! (beat) You owe me one, don’t you forget…besides, they aim to kill me and with me gone, who else ya gonna have in yo life that cares as much about you as me. Think about that..hmm…the choice is yours buddy.

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Gator's Fury by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Gator’s Fury, two men are hired to torture Holt when things get serious real quick when a crocodile decides to show up.  3 Men, Gator.  Comedy.

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