Number 23

In Number 23, Cal tries to communicate to the laundry shop owner that trouble is on the horizon if the missing gown is not retrieved.

CAL: Okay…I don’t think you realize the dilemma you’re putting me under. Mrs. Hudgins won’t be happy at all when I explain to her that you threw out her gown! A very expensive coffee stained gown! A gown she took tremendous delight in wearing. In fact, I was with her when she bought it. After an agonizing week during a blistering summer in Southern Italy, shop after shop for countless hours, until she finally stumbled upon the miracle of finding the most incredible gown. Can’t tell you what a relief I’ve always felt whenever she’d wear the damn thing. Crying to me about how lucky she was to find it. Boasting to me about how magnificent she looked while wearing it, and when she did wear it, she was an entirely new person.

Nothing like the overbearing, bitter and offensive woman she is often guilty of being. You wouldn’t want to know her on one of her bad days, I’ve seen people hold their breath in utter fear from one of her furies; I’ve seen heads roll from their shoulders, caught in the wind of her storm…but in that gown and only, only in that divine gown, is she transfixed. Mrs. Hudgins is not, I repeat NOT a woman to upset. And if I have to let her know that her beloved gown was thrown in the trash because of your false assumption, I’ll promise you she’ll be coming back here in a blind rage and you’ll be running for cover. What do you have to say about that?

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Number 23 by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act comedy eplay Number 23, Cal visits the laundry shop to pick up Mrs. Hudgin’s gown only to discover that it was thrown out for reasons that aren’t exactly clear.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Comedy.

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