One Way Road

In One Way Road Pedro talks to his friend Babs about his crappy life only to find out that Babs is considering killing herself.

PEDRO:  You know, I’ve been dealing with enough sh’t in my life and now I gotta think about you killing yourself one day. Like I needed this tonight, added to my long list of f’d up thoughts I have circulating on a rotating basis. I can’t even go to the bar here just for a drink to get my mind off my troubles and I got you staring me in the face telling me you’re thinking about killing yourself. That’s gonna make me feel better? I’m not saying coming to the bar is the cure for misery but I don’t expect to be brought down to the gutter and have the living sh’t kicked outta me either. I already got enough scar tissue to last me a lifetime. Do me a favor, don’t talk to me about blowing your brains out and all this bullsh’t cause I disagree. You’re not gonna get no sympathy vote from me either. Not gonna agree to you offing yourself cause you know, you’ve reached the pinnacle of your life or some sh’t like that. There’s millions of people, maybe billions who are less fortunate than you and me and they go through life’s slings and arrows, right? What makes you so much better that you can’t face life? (beat) Know what? Do me a favor, fk off. Alright? Take your beer and go to the other side of the bar and leave me be.

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One Way Road by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay One Way Road, Pedro visits his local bar for a pint in order to cope with his problems.  While there, he has a conversation with his friend Babs who is also dealing with disturbing issues.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama/Dark Comedy.

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