Can I Make A Confession?

Siren in the Night is a one act drama eplay that takes place between a man and a teenage runaway who recognize one another from their past.

BUD: Can I make a confession?

CRYSTAL: About what?

BUD: …I know you.

CRYSTAL: How do you know me?

BUD: You used to go to school with my daughter, Tracy. Back in middle school…I knew, I knew you from somewhere when I first saw you standing here weeks ago, and it didn’t dawn on me until today, which is why I felt like I had the right to approach you.

CRYSTAL: Tracy Pullman?

BUD: I’m Bud Pullman, her Daddy.

CRYSTAL: Oh my God, I used to cause mayhem with Tracy. (she laughs) I always wondered what High School she went to cause it wasn’t mine. (chuckling) How’s Tracy doing these days?

BUD: Better than you.

CRYSTAL: No sh’t, but how is she, really?

BUD: My daughter is one great pain in the wazoo.

(they laugh)

CRYSTAL: Is she now?

BUD: Oh, you betcha. Drives me up the wall and over the wall. She got me feeling like Humpty Dumpty most days.

CRYSTAL: Tell Tracy I said hi.

BUD: Will do. Hey, you be safe now, ya hear?

CRYSTAL: I’ll try.

BUD: …Oh hey, hey, I never got your name! How am I gonna give my daughter a message without knowing your name?

CRYSTAL: Oh, right, Crystal, my name is Crystal…

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Siren In The Night MiniIn this one-act ePlay, Bud tries helping out young Crystal with some money, but when but certain truths get exposed, things sadly take a sour turn.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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