I don’t think any one would agree to us being together

Justin wants to date Judy but is best friends with her brother but he can’t deny his feelings in this scene from the short play, ‘No Choice’.

A moment goes by.

Judy puts her head in her hands.

Justin enters, he studies her distress for a moment.

JUSTIN: Hey, Jude.

Judy fights to conceal what she’s feeling.

JUDY: (Faintly.) Hey…I think Craig’s gone to the park.

JUSTIN: Yeah, I didn’t come for Craig.


JUSTIN: No…I wanted to come see you.

JUDY: (Slightly annoyed.) Why Justin?

JUSTIN: What did your brother tell you?

JUDY: He told me you weren’t interested.

JUSTIN: That’s not what I said. Damn it, I mean, that’s not what I meant…(Sighs.) I told Craig it wasn’t a good idea.

JUDY: I know. He told me that.

JUSTIN: Yeah, but that’s not — I want you to know why.

JUDY: What difference does it make anyway?

JUSTIN: Don’t make this harder on me. You know I like you.

JUDY: You don’t like me enough though, do you?

Mom appears at the door discreetly
listening in.

JUSTIN: I do Judy, I do. But your brother, he’s my best friend and both our families are close, and it makes this whole thing awkward…don’t you think?

JUDY: No, I mean. (Gives up fighting.)…Yeah I guess it does.

JUSTIN: If I wasn’t friends, like best friends with Craig or if we didn’t grow up together, I’d, I’d ask you out. I’d want you to be my girl, it’s just, I want it to be right, I don’t think any one would agree to us being together.

JUDY: So if things were different, if all that didn’t exist, are you telling me you’d want to be with me?

JUSTIN: Yeah. You know I would.

JUDY: Hate my life.

JUSTIN: Yeah well, I feel the same.

Mom walks away from the door.

JUDY: So, what are we gonna do now, I mean, do we stay friends, or…? I don’t think I can continue being around you anymore, this is going on too long Justin, I mean, it was hard enough seeing you on that date last month.

JUSTIN: Yeah, hard for you? I had to go through a whole year watching you date Adrian! How do you think that made me feel? Especially when you’d all come ’round to my house, act like we’re all friends and everything, like you’d felt nothin’ for me and yet I’d still see you lookin’ me the way you always have, nothin’ like the way you looked at him!

JUDY: That’s why me and Adrian didn’t last. It’s pointless now, this won’t go anywhere.

JUSTIN: What do you want me to do Judy? We’ve got no choice.

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