I’m Not Who I Used To Be

In this monologue, BILLY is confronted by his cousin for not living out their teenage dreams in adulthood and this is his response.

BILLY: You stayed the same, I evolved. You never changed. The same way we were in our teens is exactly how you remained. It’s like you haven’t developed to the next chapter. I evolved. I changed. I moved to the next chapter. I’m married, have a house and work hard. I have commitments. Do you understand?  You didn’t do any of that and there’s nothing wrong with your life because it’s the way you’ve chosen to live it and that’s fine but you don’t respect my choices and who I am today. You think I’m still teenage Billy and I’m not.

I’m not who I used to be, Mel. You keep trying to pull me back to who I used to be and I’m not going. I’m not walking back there with you, even for a second because I like who I am now.

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In this one-act play, MEL crashes in on BILLY and BECKY’s life for two years, things finally reach their breaking point. 

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