Dancing With Elephants

In seriocomedy monologue, “Dancing With Elephants” Doug talks to his wife about why his friend Rupert can’t help her book get published.

DOUG: He hasn’t died, no. Except Rupert is no longer Rupert. He’s gone full throttle, drowning in an overindulgence of medication and booze. What was once an eloquent-speaking man of the highest order has reduced himself to an infant, trying to utter his first words. He’s become a robe-wearing, unshaven, unwashed, whiskey-obsessed – and – the last time I visited him, it took at least thirty minutes before he finally recognized who I was. Imagine? (beat) What a fear – to let oneself go. Ellen, promise me now that if something were to ever happen to me, if I were to transform, if you will, into some unrecognizable creature, promise me, Elle, promise me that you will see to it that I get help. (beat) I couldn’t fathom the thought of it. How could he have let himself go like that?

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Dancing With Elephants by Joseph Arnone 4

In the one-act eplay, “Dancing With Elephants”, Doug tries to help Ellen get her book published, but the way things turn out isn’t what anyone could have imagined.  Comedy.  2 Women, 2 Men.

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