Little Fish

In the seriocomedy monologue Little Fish, Bryan talks to his wife Delilah about the stress he’s been experiencing in his life.

BRYAN: There has to be some way forward. There needs to be some tool that can help me pry things open just enough for me to enter. But enter in a way that I remain invisible, unharmed…I don’t wish to be harmed. I am so afraid that I will be harmed. Do you think my turn will come? …Die before my time…isn’t that tragic? What sort of a cruel dump would that be? The mere thought of it angers me. A person deserves the right to be heard! If not here, then where? Aren’t you fed up with this bottled up agenda? When is the real oxygen going to get pumped into this world. Deliberate confusion, half truths, fictional tales…aw, bloody hell, it does rain cats and dogs, don’t it? Biff was hit in the head just last week with a bright orange cat. Bastard had no chance. He was too loud, you see? His tongue expanded over too many roads. It’s not that he wasn’t proper, he was a proper chap; but he was…puffy. Always thick. Too many clogged arteries, the bugger. He’ll be missed by no one…I’ll miss him…some…

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Little Fish by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Little Fish, Bryan and his wife Delilah undergo another typical day within their kitchen quarters.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Seriocomedy.  

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