In short drama script, “Highflying,” two sisters reveal to one another the personal issues they’ve been having within their lives.




Two sisters MADDIE and DENA talk with one another in a neighboring room to a funeral parlor, while attending a wake.

DENA:  How do you do that?

MADDIE:  What?

DENA:  Get everyone in the room to look at you and show interest?

MADDIE:  You think?

DENA:  All the time. In fact, there isn’t a time when your presence isn’t felt.

MADDIE:  The way you say it makes me feel like it’s a bad thing.

DENA:  No, it’s not a bad thing…I wish I had that magic.

MADDIE:  Magic?

DENA:  I’m serious. The way you waltz into the room, doesn’t matter what the event, doesn’t matter what time of day…everything always seems to line up for you. People go up to you to say hi, shake your hand, give you a hug and these are people you’ve never met before in your life.

I should know, I’m your sister so, I know who you know and it’s always the same, you meet and greet like you’ve known these strangers for years.

It puzzles me and astonishes me cause I didn’t inherit not one percent of whatever it is you have naturally…I’m always the one who has to scream for attention, wave my hands to get noticed and the best part of it, is that you don’t even seem to realize it, or maybe it’s just that you don’t even care, or maybe you care and you are so used to it that you handle these encounters with grace and dignity and…

MADDIE:  Hey…hey, are you okay?

DENA:  Oh, Maddie, please, the last thing I need is another big sister therapy session from you. I’d rather puke.

MADDIE:  Sorry.

DENA:  And don’t be sorry. Can you just stop being so freaking perfect and saying all the right things?

MADDIE:  Should I just stand here mute?

DENA (LAUGHS):  …No, I’m sorry. (beat) Greg is leaving me.

MADDIE:  What?!

DENA:  Piece of sh’t.

MADDIE:  When?

DENA:  The a**hole already left, actually …it’s all about filing papers to finalize the divorce.

MADDIE:  This is terrible, Dena, I’m—

DENA:  If you say you’re sorry I’m liable to punch you in the face.

MADDIE:  Oh, no, um, I’m, I’m here for you is all I’m trying to say—

DENA (CRYING):  I’m sorry, I love you, I love you…I’m just in a bad place right now.

Dena pulls out a gun.

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Short Drama Script by Joseph ArnoneIn the short drama script, “Highflying,” two sisters overcome their secrecy and pride in order to confide in one another and form a closer relationship.  2 Women.  Drama. Family Drama.

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