Gone Before You Left

In teen monologue from, “Gone Before You Left” Tash doesn’t want to be left behind and begs Peggy to take her with her to New York City.

TASH: Peggy, don’t you see where my future’s heading? You know how terrible it is here. I can’t do another day here in this place without thinking I’m going to lose my mind. If you leave, if you just get up and abandon me and walk on out of here, I’m going to grow up like all the others and that frightens me, it frightens me to death! A person deserves a chance, even if it’s only a single chance at something greater than themselves. I want to come with you to New York, I can’t be that person that watched a dream go by when it presented itself to me. Don’t you understand? Peggy? Do you see me living here, in this town forever? Is that where you see my future? I’ll never make it out if I don’t leave tonight. If I don’t leave with you tonight, I’ll live out my life regretting it, it’ll haunt me, it’ll creep up on me at night and turn my thoughts into nightmares, don’t look away Peg! I’m certain this is the right choice, I won’t be a burden to you or Billy, promise I won’t, I’ll find my ways out there, but, but don’t just leave me here, cause you might regret it, too. Don’t let me die here Peg. Take me with you, let’s get out of this place, we’ll do it together, give me that chance.

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Gone Before You Left by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Gone Before You Left” Peggy has secretly arranged plans to leave for New York City with her boyfriend Billy James.  Tash has become all too aware of Peggy’s personal situation but deeply desires to leave with Peggy and James to start a new life.  3 Women, 1 Man.  Drama.

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