11 Dramatic Plays for 3 People

11 Dramatic Plays for 3 People shares play acts with short scenes taken from each script.  Each play holds a minimum cast of three.

11 Dramatic Plays for 3 People

Aren’t we all running from something, Mrs. Maureen?” from THE ATTIC (2 women, 1 man)
A woman arrives at a home seeking room and board in exchange for house work and chores.

I told you to leave.” from EVEN THE COLOR BLUE (1 woman, 2 men)
A family drama about a young man wishing to reveal his true identity to his parents but gets cut short when learning of his father’s illness.

It’s a quiet place to chat.” from THEM CANDLES (2 women, 1 man)
Kendra suffers from a breathing condition forcing her to live a less normal life but when she wishes to go out on a date with a guy, her overbearing mother tries to stop her.

We’ve tried everything, haven’t we?”  from A SHADE OR TWO DARKER (1 woman, 2 men)
Lyon is a darker skin tone than his parents which has caused a major imbalance within their small family, causing damage that they all may never recover from.

Tell me something about yourself…anything.” from THE DANCING MAN (1 woman, 2 men)
While driving in a rental vehicle, Max and Bree hear knocking coming from the trunk to reveal a man who only wishes to dance barefoot.

Be calm cause she’s sensitive.” from TINA, HANK, HANK, TINA (1 woman, 2 men)
Marv calls his brother Hank for financial help but he needs to leave temporarily and leaves him wish a sensitive artist named Tina.

Can I have a bowl of your finest oysters

Can I have a bowl of your finest oyster?” from VIN ROGUE (2 women, 2 Men)
Cosmo doesn’t seem to care about anything except being a poet, but he isn’t happy when his girlfriend Rianna wishes to go to America.

The kiss that started it all last night.” from WITH A BROKEN WING (2 women, 2 men)
Bob loves Lea even though she has a bad temper and is going to prom with another guy.

Okay, let’s stop there for a moment” from ACROSS THE FACE (2 women, 3 men)
When Mumford decides to borrow money from his ex-brother-in-law so he can direct a play, he quickly regrets it when his ex-brother-in-law thinks he knows more about theatre directing than he does.

Is this both prescriptions?” from FADE TO BLACK (1 woman, 3 men)
Gram believes both his sons wish him dead so they can turn his home into a B&B, but his will has other plans.

We had the most wonderful time together in those years.from TOMORROW WILL BE (2 woman, 1 man)
Edward’s mother keeps saying she’s been talking to her husband (Edward’s father) who has passed away over a year ago.

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