Red Tuxedo

An upscale party in a New York City penthouse.  Mr. Berguer is hosting the event and has asked Mr. Sanders to enter his meeting quarters to negotiate a deal.

Red Tuxedo

Mr. Berguer: Please, take a seat Mr. Sanders.

Mr. Sanders: I rather stand but I’ll be polite.

Mr. Berguer:  Appreciated.  (beat) What do you think of the party tonight?

Mr. Sanders: It’s becoming of you.  Your typical bourgeois nonsense.

Mr. Berguer: Yes, it is quite a bit of nonsense, I must agree but necessary nonsense I’m afraid.  Can I offer you a cigar?  My collection spans the globe.

Mr. Sanders: I don’t smoke.

Mr. Berguer: Pity.

(Berguer lights his cigar)

May I offer you a drink?  Surely, you drink.  Scotch? Brandy?

Mr. Sanders: Bourbon.

Mr. Berguer: My pleasure.

(Berguer pours Sanders bourbon)

You may be wondering why I’ve asked you to come here.

Mr. Sanders: Actually, I know exactly why you’ve sent for me.

Mr. Berguer: Do tell.

Mr. Sanders: Patents.

Mr. Berguer: Yes, that is correct.  The patents.

Mr. Sanders: Perhaps we should cut to the chase, Mr. Berguer.  We are both business men, are we not?  No need to beat around the bush.

Mr. Berguer: That is correct, Mr. Sanders.  Should I offer my proposition or would you prefer to offer yours?

Mr. Sanders: I know what you want and I know how you go about getting what you want.  I understand the importance of this deal, for my sake.  I’m prepared to give you my full forty-precent.

Mr. Beguer: In exchange?

Mr. Sanders: Nothing.

(Sanders pulls out an envelope and hands it to Berguer)

I’ve completely signed over all my rights.  You have full control.  (beat) Don’t look so alarmed.  I’m giving you exactly what you wish.

Mr. Berguer: Why no fuss?  Surely, there must be something you desire?

Mr. Sanders: I understand your power Mr. Berguer.  I know how you go about your business.  I’ve thought over this quite a bit these past few weeks. I believe I’m making a very smart, successful decision with you.  Am I not?

Mr: Berguer: I wouldn’t disagree, Mr. Sanders.


Mr. Sanders: Will that be all?

Mr. Berguer:  Indeed.  (beat) You are a much more dangerous man than I previously imagined.  There is a great deal of respect that divides our interests.

Mr. Sanders: I appreciate your modesty.

Mr. Berguer: Enjoy the rest of the party.

Mr. Sanders: Good evening.


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