Shrinking Violet

In Shrinking Violet, Dabney is fearful of losing his son for good based on everything he hoped and dreamed would be, he speaks with his wife Harlotte.

DABNEY:  So much time invested into that boy. Listen to me, Jacob is a grown man, isn’t he? I have dreams, so many dreams of how I wish things to be, the more I make the effort to capture those dreams the more I seem to lose my grasp of it. I sometimes work myself up to the point of excitement and I’m free and happy and live in my own fantasy world of how my relationship can be with my one and only son and I fool myself into thinking it’s real, until the bubble gets popped and reality sets in and I’m back where I started, staring at the walls in this room, wondering how I can possibly work up the strength to somehow rise past the latest heartbreak and it’s in those moments, moments of complete loss, when I know how much I love our son. (pause.)

Why can’t I make it real? Why am I not strong enough to make my vision come to fruition? (beat) Apparently, I’ve lost my influence on him. Worst thing for a father to experience…

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Shrinking Violet MiniIn this one-act eplay, Dabney is fearful of losing his son and his wife Harlotte sets his straight on what he needs to give their son Jacob, in order for that not to happen.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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