Soundness of Mind

In Soundness of Mind Martha is the rude and nasty mother-in-law and treats Sharon with contempt without ever really connecting with sincerity.

MARTHA: Lonely? Why would I be lonely? I’ve lived a multitude of lives inside just one…I like to read, I read as much as I desire..I get lost in it, so much so that I forget myself entirely and love every minute of it. Well, not that I get forgetful of myself, more like I involve myself in each of these stories really, I ponder, I connect, I experience new experiences through my imagination, just like the real thing. What I forget is the turmoil that always apparently surrounds me. You ask me why I don’t often come inside the home, well dear, it is because there is always a bit of drama going on in here. A woman my age, not that I am old, mind you, must protect herself from intrusions. If not for my sensitive emotions, then for the soundness of mind.

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Soundness of Mind MiniIn this one act eplay, Sharon wishes for her mother-in-law Martha to take initiative and spend quality time with her grandchildren.  Serio-comedy.  2 Women, 1 Man.  

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