Sleepless Nights

In the drama monologue Sleepless Nights, Carlotta tries so hard to communicate her feelings to her mother about her frustrations.

CARLOTTA: I know we can’t change the past, Mother. I know we can’t change the past! But it haunts me! Don’t you get it? Don’t you listen? I’m trying to talk to you–to make some sense out of it–and you wave me off each time I’m trying to tell you anything! Pushing it under the rug won’t help! I’m not satisfied! Fulfilled! Whatever the hell I’m trying to tell you, I’m not complete. I feel cut off from who I am, like I’ve been in mourning for someone who’s slowly dying but is still there.

Alright, I’m happy with Tom, but that’s all you seem to care about, me and Tom, Tom and me! Tom, Tom, Tom! What about my life? What about me and who I am? I invested so much of myself into music, and I was getting somewhere with it all, I was good, I would have gotten accepted into the damn Academy had I auditioned once more! YES, for goodness sake, I am happy I met Tom, but that doesn’t mean I should have forgotten myself!

You never cared; you’ve cared but you never REALLY cared. As long as everything looks fine on the outside, that is enough for you and Dad. But it isn’t fine and I’m telling you how I’ve been feeling for the longest time. With you, it’s always about marriage, “When’s the big fat wedding? Where’s the property? Babies?” and everything else that nauseates me. But, what about me? What about ME and who I am and wish to be? Have you ever, in all your life, thought about that?

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Sleepless Nights by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, Sleepless Nights,mother and daughter go head to head with their differences of opinion when it comes to having a family of one’s own or following one’s creative passions. 2 Women. Drama.

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