The Observers

In The Observers, Cheyenne now works for a private establishment where she has been trained to be a lethal weapon, only she doesn’t want to begin the work.

CHEYENNE (defiant): I should have a choice. You can’t expect me to spring to our agreement! Don’t you understand, there was never any other choice for me? You know this! I had to take my chance, or I would have been long dead by now. And for what? To live a life that will forever be controlled? To be a puppet that you get to play master with? What gives you the right? What gives them the right or anybody the right to control another human being? (beat) There is one thing that you cannot prevent me from doing. Do you want to know what that little secret is? …At any moment I can snap my own neck and die. After all, I’ve been trained for it, haven’t I? (beat) Your little experiment, gone forever. And for what? All that investment would have been for nothing. (gesturing to herself) All this, for nothing! Is that what you really want?

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The Observers In this one-act ePlay, Cheyenne is a trained lethal weapon and is now considered ready by the private establishment that made her, only she doesn’t want to go any further.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.  Action.

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