Please Forgive Me…

In Please Forgive Me, JESSE talks to his girlfriend about how bad he feels over speaking to her so poorly.  Teen Drama.

JESSE:  I didn’t mean to make you feel insignificant. I feel so horrible about it that I would rather cut off my arm but it wouldn’t even come close to how I feel about it all. I didn’t mean to make you cry and get you upset, Jule. When I think of us, I think the world of you and I’d be nothing without you by my side. You give me the kind of strength that I need and the courage to do the things I do because you believe in me so much. I wouldn’t have this confidence and I’d be filled with doubt…I wish I could hurt myself worse in some way because you were right, you stood by my side and didn’t deserve to be spoken to that way.

I’m sorry babe, please forgive me…

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JESSE and JULIET are hanging out at the beach discussing the possibility of breaking up if Jesse can’t get over his inner demons and mood swings in this one-act play. 

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