I’m sorry, but I am cleaning your mess.

In drama scene from play script, “The Broken Piano” Roxanne’s daughter is being extremely difficult, causing an accident to take place.

PEGGY: How many times has my elbow knocked over that horrible glass owl? And why do you even have a thing for owls anyway? You make no sense.

ROXANNE: I think owls are beautiful creatures. You should learn to have more of an appreciation for nature.

PEGGY: You’ve never even seen an owl.

ROXANNE: I have. I am quite traveled Peggy and you should not accuse me of things you know nothing about.

PEGGY: I wasn’t accusing you of anything. It’s a statement. I was making a statement.


Roxanne makes herself a cup of tea. She sips it calmly and reflects.

Peggy turns back to her piano and stares down at it.

ROXANNE: Dad has told me that he would like for you to bring your piano upstairs into your bedroom.


ROXANNE: Because he doesn’t want it here.

PEGGY: You don’t want me here.

ROXANNE: Peggy, would you please listen to what I am asking of you.

PEGGY: Fine! You want me to move everything today! Will it make your life so much better?!

ROXANNE: I can help you move it –

PEGGY: No! NO! I’ll move the whole damn thing!

Peggy lifts up her piano in a rage and it slips through her fingers and comes crashing down to the floor, also knocking down a shelf of figurines.


Roxanne walks calmly to the closet and takes out a broom and dust pan.

PEGGY: One of the keys…


PEGGY: I can’t find…one of the keys popped off.


Roxanne begins sweeping the broken figurines into the dust pan.

PEGGY: Will you excuse me?

ROXANNE: I’m sorry but I am cleaning your mess.

PEGGY: I am trying to find the key to the piano.

ROXANNE: And I am trying to clean this mess.

PEGGY: You will sweep the piano key into the dust pan I am sure of it. You will throw it out and I will have to go through all the trash to try and find it. Will you just stop, please?! Just stop!

Roxanne continues sweeping.

ROXANNE: If I see the piano key I will stop.

PEGGY: What’s wrong with you? Just stop!

Roxanne refuses to stop sweeping. Peggy screams and storms out from the room.

Roxanne bends down and picks up the broken piano key. She sits down in a chair and looks out.

A tear streams down her cheek but she quickly wipes it away.

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