What the hell you doing out in the rain?

Miles goes over his ex-girlfriend’s apartment unexpectedly during a rainstorm in this scene taken from 1 act play, ‘Drenched to the Bone’.

CANDACE: What the hell you doing out in the rain?

MILES: I was waiting for you.

CANDACE: I’ve been home.

MILES: Since when?

CANDACE: All day.

MILES: But I knocked. Really loud.

CANDACE: That’s why I opened the door Miles.

MILES: I feel lousy.

CANDACE: You want —

MILES: Coffee? Yes, please.

CANDACE: You look drenched to the bone.

MILES: Can you dry my clothes for me; give me like a robe or something in the meantime?

CANDACE: Why don’t you take a hot shower? There’s a robe behind the door.

MILES: Will do…

Miles begins taking off his clothes.

CANDACE: Not here! Leave your wet clothes outside the bathroom door.

MILES: You’ve seen me naked.

CANDACE: Yeah, but, still.

MILES: What, still?

CANDACE: I don’t want to see you naked anymore Miles, okay?

MILES: (beat) You don’t need to get so worked up about it. I think I have a pretty decent body.

CANDACE: It has nothing to do with your body. Go in the shower.

MILES: I’m just sayin’—

CANDACE: (Shouting.) Go in the shower!

MILES: (Shouting back.) Why are you shouting?!

CANDACE: Because aren’t we done with all this?

MILES: What?

CANDACE: THIS, this emotional sh’t.

MILES: I’m just going to use your shower.

CANDACE: Don’t play dumb, Miles.

MILES: Whatever.

CANDACE: You can’t stay long.



MILES: I’ll go now.


MILES: No, f’k it, you want me to leave, I’m not welcome obviously, so why the hell am I going to be here?

CANDACE: Why did you come over in the first place?

MILES: I wanted to, okay?

CANDACE: Yeah, but why?

MILES: I need a reason?

CANDACE: Usually when someone goes over someone else’s apartment, there’s a reason.

MILES: …Why do you think I came here?

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Drenched to the Bone by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Drenched to the Bone Miles shows up at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment because he misses her and wishes to see her again.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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