Am I breaking your trust?

A drama scene from serio-comedy play act, ‘Extra Garlic’ for two characters, one is a chef and the other a gangster.

SORRINO: Am I breaking your trust?

MARIO: I would say so, yes, unintentionally, but yes.

SORRINO: I didn’t realize.

MARIO: Nah, I know, I’m not, listen, I don’t expect you to –

SORRINO: No, no, don’t explain, I get it, you already made your point. Makes sense.

MARIO: Does it?

SORRINO: It’s not like I don’t like the taste of your food.

MARIO: Good.

SORRINO: I ask for extra garlic because I heard it kills cancer cells.

MARIO: Cancer cells?

Sorrino looks at Mario.

SORRINO: What can I say Mario? We all gotta go sometime.


SORRINO: Been undergoing chemo. Still have a shot.

MARIO: Does Barbra know?

SORRINO: Nobody knows…just you. How’s that for trusting my chef? (smiles)

Mario hugs Sorrino and kisses him on the cheek.

MARIO: When did you find out?

SORRINO: Doesn’t matter.

MARIO: I’m sorry.

SORRINO: Don’t be sorry. I ain’t dead yet.

MARIO: I’ll add some extra garlic.

SORRINO: Don’t go crazy.

MARIO: I’m gonna make you the best spaghetti and meatballs you’ve ever had in your life.

SORRINO: Your food is the only food I can still taste. (smiles) Why do you think I’m here almost every night? Your food is the best.

MARIO: You keep coming here. We’ll get you well.

SORRINO: We’ll see. (smiles)

MARIO: Lemme go make you my best dish.

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Extra Garlic by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, ‘Extra Garlic’, Chef Mario cooks for a his longtime friend Sorrino and during their conversation about garlic, personal truths come out of them unexpectedly.  2 Men. Drama/Serio-Comedy in tone.

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