Every day there’s some dramatic event unfolding in this house.

In drama scene from one-act eplay, “A Dark Heart,” Henrick and Martha discuss their decision of adopting Filippa into their family.

HENRICK: What happened?

MARTHA: Filippa is in her room in hysterics!

HENRICK: She will be fine.

MARTHA: I can’t get her to stop crying. She won’t tell me what happened.

HENRICK: The children haven’t been giving her a fair shake.

MARTHA: Those two little monsters!

HENRICK: Shh! Quiet down. I’ve already spoken to them.

MARTHA: What did they do this time?

HENRICK: They’re going through their own understanding of the situation. It isn’t an easy thing for them either.

MARTHA: I have been shocked by their behavior.

HENRICK: As have I. (checking his pocket) Have you seen my pipe?

MARTHA: I thought you said you were giving that up?

HENRICK: It calms me.

MARTHA: I don’t want you to smoke that any longer.

HENRICK: Yes, yes, I know, I know.

PAUSE. Henrick and Martha walk.

MARTHA: Do you think we made the right decision?

HENRICK: Regarding Filippa?


HENRICK: Absolutely.

MARTHA: But the children are being extremely difficult, Henrick.

HENRICK: They will adjust. This is all too common.

MARTHA: You really believe so?

HENRICK: Certainly.

MARTHA: Ever since Filippa has taken up her own room, I’ve noticed a change in Henry and Rochelle.

HENRICK: Have you?

MARTHA: They seem removed.

HENRICK: From what?


HENRICK: How so?

MARTHA: Distant. I can’t put it into words.

HENRICK: They will come around.

MARTHA: Henry’s been acting up in school and Rochelle has failed her last two math exams.

HENRICK: Get them in order Martha, I can’t do everything.

MARTHA: I’m sharing my concerns…they don’t wish to obey.

HENRICK: They’ve obeyed just fine a moment ago.

MARTHA: I believe they are putting you on.

HENRICK: Putting me on?


HENRICK: What are you talking about?

MARTHA: Lately, they have both given me nothing but attitude and mood swings. They aren’t themselves. Henry used to hug me and kiss my cheeks and Rochelle would follow me like a tail. Now they disappear with each other and ignore my calls for dinner each night. And I’ve…oh, I don’t want to stir the pot Henrick, really I don’t, but you must know..I’ve found two dead animals behind the guest house.

HENRICK: What are you doing behind the guest house?

MARTHA: Tracking down our children!

HENRICK: What in the hell is going on?

MARTHA: I’m trying to tell you. One dead squirrel and a dead bird put up in a corner.

HENRICK: What makes you think it’s the children?

MARTHA: Because I saw them running behind the guest house on two separate occasions.

HENRICK: You have.

MARTHA: I have.

HENRICK: It just sounds absurd Martha.

MARTHA: It is absurd! I’ve been worried, trying to figure it out…and I haven’t addressed them about it yet.

HENRICK: Show me.

MARTHA: It’s already been cleared away. I figured I would let it go and keep an eye on it, see if it happens again. What do you think?


MARTHA: Yes. What do you think we should do Henrick?

HENRICK: I think they need to be disciplined, we need to do more, we can’t let this go on.

MARTHA: What kind of discipline?…wouldn’t that make matters worse?

HENRICK: Worse? You’re kidding? They’re killing animals for goodness sake!

MARTHA: Stop! You make it sound horrific.

HENRICK: Isn’t it?

MARTHA: Isn’t that what kids do? Don’t they do wild things? Isn’t it like hunting with BB guns and climbing trees?

HENRICK: That’s enough for today.

MARTHA: But what shall we do?

HENRICK: Why are you in such a panic?

MARTHA: Because I hope we made the right decision. Everything was normal until Filippa showed up.

HENRICK: Martha, are you conscious of the words you speak?


HENRICK: You love Filippa as one of your own. You’ve said so yourself.

MARTHA: (sulks)

HENRICK: Calm down.

MARTHA: It’s so much to take on. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but there seems to be a mountain we can’t cross.

HENRICK: Stop thinking so negatively –

MARTHA: It’s true, isn’t it? Every day there’s some dramatic event unfolding in this house.

HENRICK: It’s been difficult.

MARTHA: But it shouldn’t be this difficult.

HENRICK: You are right.

MARTHA: Right?

HENRICK: Give it time. We committed ourselves to this and we must see it through. Things will work out. We are a family, we can –

MARTHA: – What if things only get worse Henrick? What do we do then?

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