Isn’t intuition a higher level than logic?

In the scifi scene taken from the one-act eplay, The Achiever, two lovers are parting ways not in the sense that either of them had imagined. 

EUNICE: Had you known all along that this would happen, why didn’t you avoid me?

THE ACHIEVER: I was compelled.

EUNICE: Compelled. So you see there is something greater than your own knowledge at play.

THE ACHIEVER: But I made the choice.

EUNICE: But did you already know how we would end?


EUNICE: But you gave in to it.

THE ACHIEVER: Knowing and feeling are two different things.

EUNICE: Isn’t intuition a higher level than logic?

THE ACHIEVER: You say such things because you are human.

EUNICE: No! I don’t! I say such things because they are true.

THE ACHIEVER: I will not debate you —

EUNICE: When we feel, it overrides any sense of logic, it carries us forward on a path much deeper than any algorithm. It is sacred wisdom that surprises your processed outcome. That is the magic of being human and that is something you can’t ever calculate.

THE ACHIEVER: It all still leads to the same result.

EUNICE: I beg to differ.

THE ACHIEVER: Eunice! When will you listen to me? Nothing is going to change what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter how we feel about one another. We are a small equation when looking out to the grand scheme of things.

EUNICE: You enjoy listening to yourself talk.

THE ACHIEVER: You are impossible.

EUNICE: I see what’s possible…you don’t.

THE ACHIEVER: Please go away for the time being. Get back to your senses and we can talk —

EUNICE: I took the decoction.

THE ACHIEVER: …What did you say?

EUNICE: So we can go together.

THE ACHIEVER: You know that cannot be. You didn’t take it Eunice!

EUNICE: I had to. I almost knew the truth, that’s why I took it.

THE ACHIEVER: You didn’t.

EUNICE: I couldn’t live without you.

THE ACHIEVER: It will kill you.

EUNICE: I would rather be dead.

THE ACHIEVER: This is madness.

EUNICE: It is not madness, it is something I have decided upon, thought about for a long time, as if I knew it was coming. I am going with you.

THE ACHIEVER: But you can’t!

EUNICE: This is my decision…not yours. When I thought what life would be without you, my blood drained from the reflection staring back at me, I saw that my end had come at the same time as yours. Almost as if our time had aligned so perfectly. I am not afraid, I am not afraid to go with you in whichever form is possible, be it in death or life.

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