Where Have You Been?

Short drama/sci-fi scene from one-act eplay, “Withering Hologram”, wherein Landon questions if he will ever be able to love again.

ZURI: Where have you been?

LANDON: A new village they’re building…it’s clean, it’s nice.

ZURI: You didn’t call.

LANDON: Was I supposed to…

ZURI: You didn’t have to, I mean you don’t have to, but…

LANDON: I didn’t realize.

ZURI: It’s fine.

LANDON: I didn’t know we were that serious.

ZURI: I said it’s fine. Call me when you want to call me.

LANDON: The work that I do is very demanding.

ZURI: So you’ve claimed.

LANDON: I’m not lying to you.

ZURI: Did I say you were lying?

LANDON: Why are you making me feel that I am?

ZURI: Look, maybe what I’ve been feeling has been…maybe you don’t feel the same.

LANDON: But I do feel the same.

ZURI: You do?

LANDON: Of course I do.

ZURI: …You don’t show it.

LANDON: What we have is really nice, can’t we leave it that way? Why does everything have to shift? As if there’s a better relationship than the one we already practice.

ZURI: Practice? I wasn’t aware of the fact that we were “practicing” a relationship.

LANDON: I used the wrong word. You know what I mean.

ZURI: Actually, I don’t. You come here for days on end, practically living here, we do everything together and then you’re off without a word, a call, nothing, like we don’t exist.

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Withering Hologram by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Withering Hologram, Landon depends on his artificial intelligence assistant IRIS to help him come to terms with his broken relationships.  2 Women, 1 Man, IRIS (voice).  Drama.  Scifi.

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