Who was that lady you was talkin’ to?

A short drama scene from the one-act eplay, “Blood On Ya Hands” wherein Dunston isn’t happy with Carl’s frequent disappearances.

DUNSTON: Who was that lady you was talkin’ to?

CARL: When?

DUNSTON: Just before.

CARL: There was no woman.

DUNSTON: I seen ya with me own two eyes.


DUNSTON: Right before you gone missin’! Headed toward the Dorset Street way or other. (beat) Don’t f’ck wit me, lad.

CARL: I don’t have to answer to you old man.

DUNSTON: No, huh?

CARL: I’d be advised to shut your barkin’ mouth.

DUNSTON: Really?

CARL: I’m tellin’ ya now, mind yo business.

DUNSTON: And what you gonna do if I don’t mind me business? Eh? What you gonna do tough guy?

CARL: I’m a slit your throat.

DUNSTON: What’s that you said to me?

CARL: I said, clear and loud as this foggy day mate, I’m a slit your throat if you don’t fock up.

DUNSTON: I’d like to see ya try it, lad.

CARL: Your day will come.

DUNSTON: You don’t spook me, son.

CARL: I ain’t ya son, don’t ever call me ya son.

DUNSTON: Alright…let’s get back to pullin’ nets.

CARL: I want you to ferget whatever it is you think you seen.

DUNSTON: Is that a threat?

CARL: It’s a fact.

DUNSTON: I don’t take threats lightly.

CARL: Have it your way.

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Blood On Ya HandsIn this one-act eplay, Dunston tells off his co-worker Carl about missing hours and making his job more difficult.  Turns out that Carl is Jack The Ripper and was busy with other plans.  3 Men.  Drama.

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