Why you wastin’ your time on a guy like me?

A drama scene from the short play Everyone’s Chasin’ Somethin’ about a couple learning from each others growing pains.

CLARENCE: Hawaii? How we gonna get to Hawaii?

RIZA: We get a plane there, dummy.

CLARENCE: From where?

RIZA: From the airport!

CLARENCE: That’s just you talkin’ nonsense, Hawaii…s@#t, only a certain type a people go to Hawaii.

RIZA: You shatter dreams Clarence, with the way your mind thinks, it’s all wrong.

CLARENCE: And you think in extremes Riza! I say I want to go somewhere new, not on the other side of the planet, with two bucks to my name!

RIZA: Who said you were payin’?

CLARENCE: Oh, you have the money?

RIZA: Can’t you tell I’m rich.

CLARENCE: You’ve got savings or somethin’?

RIZA: None of your business.

CLARENCE: I was just talkin’ about seeing somethin’ different…it don’t have to be a hundred hours from here. Hawaii’s the kinda place you go on a honeymoon or somethin’, if you’re rich! We don’t belong anywhere near Hawaii.

RIZA: Speak for yourself. I belong there. I was actually thinkin’ about going there alone.

CLARENCE: So extreme.

RIZA: Not really…


Clarence puts on his pants, shirt, socks, shoes.

RIZA: Leavin’ me already?

CLARENCE: I’m feelin’ antsy.

RIZA: Wanna be alone?

CLARENCE: I don’t know what I feel like being.

RIZA: I’m off today..from work.


RIZA: Yeah.

CLARENCE: I, uh, I’m a little low on cash.

RIZA: Are you?

CLARENCE: A little…thought Tommy was gonna pay up last night, he was short as usual. It’s what happens when you have money and you lend it out, it gets given back in spurts and it’s never enough when you need it; comes back in trickles.

RIZA: That’s alright.

CLARENCE: ..You’re a good woman Riza, you know that?

RIZA: Why?

CLARENCE: You’re a good woman.

RIZA: Why are you sayin’ that?

CLARENCE: Because you don’t need to put up with a dead beat like me.

RIZA: You’re not a –

CLARENCE: Please, I’m a dead beat brokester. Why you wastin’ your time on a guy like me?

RIZA: Cause you’re gorgeous.


RIZA: You’re good in bed.

CLARENCE: That I know.

RIZA: Money ain’t everything.

CLARENCE: Wish that were true.

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