A Decent Man

In A Decent Man Fabian visits his longtime friend Father Del Henney with the hopes that he can help him out of a terrible situation.

FABIAN: …I needed to talk to somebody…you’re the only one I can trust about such things…I’ve been struggling; for a long time; against myself; wanting to do bad things to terrible people and even though it serves them right, I know it’s not right for me to give them what they deserve, but it’s so difficult to not act on my deepest impulses..you know me, you know I’ve been this way my entire life. So far, for the most part, I think I’ve kept my darkest urges tame. I’ve been good. I consider myself a decent man. But this last strike on my soil, it’s hard to accept, it’s furiously difficult to contain myself…we are talking about sick, rotten, disgusting human beings; involved in the worst forms of abuse imaginable. I’m supposed to ignore it?  Smile and go about my day? (beat) ..No. That isn’t what I wish to do…these PIGS need to have their trash taken out…


I’m fully aware I shouldn’t talk like this, especially in front of you, but this is supposed to be my one and only safe place, right? Isn’t that what you told me? It’s been months, months of keeping all this in; I’m afraid of myself Father, I’m afraid of what I might do, what I might become. Please, help me.

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A Decent Man by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay A Decent Man, Fabian visits Father Del Henney to try and find a better road he could take before acting on his negative impulses.  2 Men.  Drama.

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