A Little Somethin’ To Get You on Your Way

Dallas is making arrangements to close her business when customer Eleanor enters the place from one-act drama play Embers That Remain.

Enter ELEANOR, an elderly lady who wears what was once expensive clothing, reduced to a worn and faded appearance. She slowly moves her way in from the back entrance.

ELEANOR: (hesitant) …I was scared to come in.

DALLAS: Eleanor, what you doin’ here love?

ELEANOR: I saw the padlocks on them front doors. We all knew it was time but then it finally happened. How you doin’ dearie face?

DALLAS: As good as I can be.

ELEANOR: I won’t stay long. I want to give this to you…it’s a collection from all of us…you know who we are…it’s a little somethin’ to get you on your way, help you rise up the way you’ve always been to us…we love you.

DALLAS breaks down crying.

ELEANOR embraces her.

Oh dearie me, dear. I know, I know…shhh, shhh, it’s all gonna come together for you, I promise…shhh…

DALLAS: Sorry, that’s not like me…I’m always the strong one…

ELEANOR: You are the strongest one. Come on, take this envelope off my hands, it’s been making me a nervous wreck. Take it, take it.

DALLAS grabs hold of the envelope.

DALLAS: What the hell is this Eleanor? This is way more than I could have asked for.

ELEANOR: I don’t want to hear a word more about it. Get yourself started. You need that, Dallas and listen here, you deserve it!

DALLAS: I can’t thank you enough, Eleanor. You’re all my family…I don’t know what I’d do without you all now. I should get packing.

ELEANOR: Need some help?

DALLAS: No, no. I only have so much time.

ELEANOR: Okay darling…

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Embers That Remain by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Embers That Remain, Dallas lost her battle doing business with none other than Smitty Green.  She has until midnight to officially close shop and move out of her establishment.  4 Characters.  2 Women, 2 Men.  Drama.

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